Managed Services

managed services

Backup Monitoring
- Monitor the status of backup jobs as they run, we will be alerted if a job has warnings, errors or failures.
- Monitor the backup storage for available disk space so that the backups will run uninterrupted.

Host Monitoring
- Real time monitoring of hosts on your network such as physical hosts, virtual hosts, routers, switches, wireless access points, SANs and NASs. We will be alerted if a critical devices becomes offline or unreachable.
- We will monitor physical hosts and storage devices for hard drive failures.

Security Management
- We will keep systems updated the latest security patches and updates.
- Firewall monitoring for threats and intrusions.

Offsite Backup Hosting

offsite backup hosting

Our offsite backup hosting service allows you host a copy of your backup data on our servers ensuring you are protected from any environmental issues. We will go to location and perform a full backup which we will take offsite and run daily incremental changed file backups remotely. In the event that this backup data is needed for recovery, we will hand deliver it on removable media to ensure a speedy recovery time.

Website Management

website management

We offer a website management service where we monitor externally or internally hosted websites to ensure they are online and accessible. If websites suddenly become unavailable, we will look to rectify the issue automatically.

We will also manage the backup schedules and locations for the web sites.

Dynamic DNS Service

dynamic DNS service

We offer a dynamic DNS service that will map a unique hostname ( to a dynamic IP address which allows for an easier process when connecting externally. This service can be useful if you do not have a static IP from your DNS.

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